Parker, Stone, And Lopez On The Writing Process For Book Of Mormon, Sacrificing Mighty Ducks Jokes

Over at Vulture Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Avenue Q’s Robert Lopez discuss writing the songs in the Book of Mormon, and the necessity of sacrificing a specific joke to enhance the show as a whole. Much like how we had to sacrifice Emilio Estevez’s career to benefit American filmmaking as a whole. Realizing they had to re-write the song “The Bible Is A Trilogy Too” to focus more on the historical background of Joseph Smith, the writing team was distraught to lose a running gag about The Matrix: Revolutions. As a result of the change, audience will also never get to see a dying Joseph Smith shouting, “Just like Naked Gun and Mighty Ducks, the Bible is a trilogy too!” Says Stone, “We had a lot of Mighty Ducks shit we had to lose, but we lost it.” As hard is it is not to cling to jokes you believe in, if Parker, Stone and Lopez hadn’t been forced to release their trilogy riff back into the creative ether, they would never have discovered such gem as “Even though people wanted to see the golden plates, Joseph never showed ‘em/ I have maggots in my scrotum.” And that in the end is worth a thousand Emilios.

Parker, Stone, And Lopez On The Writing Process For […]