Seth Green Receives Key To New Orleans For Excellence In Rally’s Commercials

Was 1991 a particularly slow news year? Or did we just miss out on the rampant Seth Green fever that swept through the Gulf states during the early nineties? In this painfully earnest human interest story from WVUE New Orleans, we meet Seth, just your average seventeen-year-old carrot-top struggling actor actor who’s catchphrase in a Rally’s commercial (“Cha-CHING”) earned him a trip to the French Quarter, a key to New Orleans, and the love of thousands of Saints fans. New Orleans must have given away an unquantifiable number of keys if even the Rally’s kid was getting one.

In ‘91 Green was already a fairly established albeit adorably teeny actor, having had appeared in Radio Days, Can’t Buy Me Love, and the exquisite My Stepmother Is An Alien by 1988. The fact that the news spot makes no mention of any of his other roles just show the purity of the city’s love. “Imagine Seth Green loose on the floor of the dome!” the reporter gushes as Green mugs with Saints’ cheerleaders. While Seth may have had some detractors (“Cha-CHING? I say Cha-CHUNG,” a Raiders fan sneers), they can’t change the fact that hundreds of fans showed up in to wait in what appears to be a warehouse just to hear him repeat copy from a fast-food commercial. And Seth totally nails it. Cha-CHING.

Seth Green Receives Key To New Orleans For Excellence […]