Snoop Dogg Does What He Does Best In New Stoner Comedy With Wiz Khalifa

Though technically every comedy is a stoner comedy if Snoop’s on the cast, we are excited to hear about Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalfa’s new comedy High School. It was the role he was born to play (in addition to his role in Half Baked)! “Me and Snoop are working on a movie, High School,” Khalifa revealed while at SXSW. “It should be coming out pretty soon. We’ve got the soundtrack going with it, too, which is a really big deal. It’s basically like me and Snoop’s album; it’s me and him going back and forth on songs the whole time, so it’s a big deal.”

While our first thought was to immediately hope for something along the lines of Redman and Method Man’s epic How High, the plot of High School seems a little closer to reality. Well, no one’s accidentally getting high off their best friend’s soul essence, at least. “It’s about pot, of course. But it’s about mine and his relationship,” Khalifa says. “A spin-off of us being cool in the industry, smoking a lot of weed, being around a lot of weed. We’re going to try to have fun with it and also try to enlighten people at the same time, not just get everybody high.” Though if Snoop and Wiz want to smoke Ben Franklin-corpse-weed, thus summoning his ghost to a Harvard University alumni meeting, we will not complain.

Snoop Dogg Does What He Does Best In New Stoner Comedy […]