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Snoop Dogg Got High in a Porta-Potti to Prepare for the Donald Trump Roast

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2011 Getty Images
Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2011 Getty Images

“We are making one more piece of garbage with Donald Trump’s name on it,” Seth MacFarlane told the crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night, where Comedy Central taped The Donald’s roast. MacFarlane introduced his fellow roasters, including Snoop Dogg, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and comics Whitney Cummings and Lisa Lampanelli (“Did you ever play ‘fuck, marry, kill?’ I think I would fuck Whitney, marry Lisa, and kill myself”). Then he proceeded to skewer Trump: “You’re a grown man and you’ve got hair like Dennis the Menace. What’s going on? Did your bald head burst into a cotton candy machine? Whatever.” The roast airs March 15 at 10:30 EST on Comedy Central. But what you won’t see on TV is our blunt conversation with Snoop Dogg.

How did you prepare for tonight?
Smoked a lot of weed and drank a little bit of this Hennessy.

Did you get Donald Trump to smoke a blunt?
No. That would be a dream come true.

How would you convince him to do it?
I would probably have to slide one on him by accident, get one of them females to bring it to him. He won’t tell them no.

Did anyone else smoke with you before the show?
Me and Jeff Ross went in a little porta-potty; we went in there together. They looked at us like we was crazy when we stepped in there together. He stepped in first, and I stepped in, and I’m, like, “Here, hit this, close the door real quick.” And then the smoke ran outside into the room.

What were you smoking onstage during the show?
Sticky-icky-icky real motherfucking weed. You know that’s what I was smoking! Don’t act like that — you wanted to hit that shit. It was a cigar stuffed with some real shit in it. You hear me? You seen how thick that smoke was. That shit was thick. You see how Donald looked at me?

Snoop Dogg Got High in a Porta-Potti to Prepare for the Donald Trump Roast