Spoiler Alert! Secrets Of Community’s Future Foretold At PaleyFest Panel

Community creator Dan Harmon and the cast (minus Donald Glover and Alison Brie, devastatingly) spilled the beans on some spoilers at the Community panel at Paleyfest. Here are some of upcoming plot points we have to look forward to. What, no Fat Neil? Our thirst for Fat Neil cannot be quenched!

  • The upcoming flashback episode consists of 78 scenes and will be riddled with delicious, nutritionally complete Easter eggs
  • Shirley’s having that baby sometime between now and the season finale! Reportedly “it will be obvious” who the father is as soon as Shirley gives birth. Unless she or he comes out with a tiny placenta-covered Cosby sweater, I’m calling that baby now as the future spawn of Chang.
  • The cast and crew doesn’t technically know if they actually have a third season yet, so they’re going to blow out all the stops while they can. “So, if we get a third season…it’s gonna be bo-ring,” Harmon cracked. Hey, if you guys need ideas, maybe explore a romantic relationship that doesn’t directly involve Jeff. Just a suggestion!
  • Abed enrolls in a Who’s The Boss history class. I knew it would take a genius to figure out that it was Mona all along!
  • In case any fans live in fear that Pierce’s continued decent into evil will actually alienate him from the group,  executive producer Garret Donovan reassures them “Definitely down the road, we address that.” Meanwhile, Chevy loves the character, explaining “I like playing that because I’m just playing me.” A-dorable
  • For more immediate gratification, this week’s episode will feature a song-and-dance number from Britta, while “the Chang factor is way up.” As it should be. As it should be.
  • Spoiler Alert! Secrets Of Community’s Future Foretold […]