Team Li’l Sebastian, or, From Within The Bowels Of The NBC Universal Gift Shop

There are a few great moments in TV history that you’d want to memorialize with a t-shirt or themed coffee mug, but there are even more tiny forgettable moments that for some reason take on greater meaning, like this amazing Lil’ Sebastian T-shirt. I know that my heart still aches that I never bought an “I Hate Towelie” t-shirt when I had the chance (and yes, I’ve checked eBay). Here is just a small assortment of the hyperspecific, often bizarre, tzotchkes waiting for you to bring them home and love them until you forget what exactly they’re referencing.

Oh, and if you love Gilly…please let someone else hold your credit card before you visit the SNL store.

Warehouse 13 blueprint: I’ve never heard of or seen Warehouse 13, so I can’t truely judge how insanely specific this reference is. The description, however suggests very: “The Farnsworth Replica Blueprint is a 1:1 scale exact re-creation of the technical treasure trove seen in Episode 3, Season 2 of the hit SyFy show, Warehouse 13. What do we mean by ”exact”? Well, it’s printed directly from the original file that was used to create the screen-used prop.”

Community “Britta Is A B” keychain: Sung by Britta’s ex Vaugh in Season 1 Episode 8, the song “Britta is a B” swept not only Greendale but the Community section of the NBC store. Either that, or there’s a warehouse of these somewhere they’re desperate to get rid of, or else the buyer is going to lose his or her job.

House Ornament: What better what to commemorate your favorite cranky doctor than to hang a symbol of his pain killer addiction on the tree? ‘Tis the season…to be a misanthropist!

30 Rock MILF Island Mouse Pad: Remember MILF Island? Remember mouse pads? Now you will FOREVER. Don’t blame me; I voted for Deborah.

Maury onesies: I know you can’t really call anything related to Maury “gauche,” but if I could these “I Met My Daddy On Maury” onesies would be first on my list. My monocle almost fell off into the toilet when I saw these.

The Office Rabies Fun Run Kit: Celebrate the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure with a t-shirt, water bottle* and rabies bracelet.

*Rabies water not included.

Friends Janice Catchphrase T-shirt: You know you still love Chandler’s ex Janice, so you must love her non-existent catchphrase “Goodnight my Bing-a-ling.” Remember that one time she said that?

Psych toaster: Here’s a Psych toaster, for your Psych kitchen in your Psych apartment in New York. Psych! Your apartment is in Psych Town, the flag of which appears to be a pineapple. Yes, Psych is on USA; Psych transcends all barriers.

Team Li’l Sebastian, or, From Within The Bowels Of The […]