The Ballad Of Mean Conan: Conan Can’t Stop Premieres At SXSW

Over the course of the epic Late Night debacle, we got a glimpse of an angrier, more cynical Conan O’Brien than we’d ever suspected could live inside that jovial exterior and those puppet-string hips. Luckily for us, the trajectory of Conan’s rage was recorded for posterity in Rodman Flender’s Conan Can’t Stop documentary, debuting at South by Southwest on Sunday. Filmed over the course of his 32-stop Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, be prepared to see Conan snap at his wife, serenade Jack McBrayer with little ditty called “You Stupid Hick,” and yes, compare himself only half-jokingly to Anne Frank. “I certainly won’t go through anything like this again, because if I do, I’ll kill myself next time around,” a seemingly rueful Conan remarks to the New York Times. “I thought, this is going to come but once, let’s record it, and what’s the worst that happens? Well, it turns out the worst that can happen is that it can be seen by people.” Team Coco. Forever.

The Ballad Of Mean Conan: Conan Can’t Stop Premieres […]