The Comedy Things That Happened This Week

-We saw the first trailer for Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys.

-Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Book of Mormon musical got some pretty insane reviews.

-We dove deep into the story theories that drive Dan Harmon and Community.

-Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph joined Christina Applegate in her new pilot produced by Lorne Michaels for NBC.

-We made the argument that Ellen DeGeneres should replace Jay Leno when he steps down from The Tonight Show.

-In honor of Norm Macdonald’s standup special, which airs tomorrow night, we looked back at his incredible appearances on Conan’s various couches.

-The Lonely Island announced the details of their upcoming album, Turtleneck and Chain.

-We took a look at what the comedy business is like in Japan.

-NBC cancelled Perfect Couples.

-The Onion News Network was picked up for a second season.

-Conan did his version of Rebecca Black’s famous-for-being-terrible song “Friday.”

And, as usual, here are your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Sorority Pillow Fight

Falling Apart, with Natasha Leggero and Duncan Trussell

Do You Want to See a Dead Body, with Rob Huebel and Rob Riggle

Julian Assange: Houseguest

The Cat Whisperer, with Martin Starr and Lizzy Caplan

The Comedy Things That Happened This Week