The Dulcet Tones Of Teenage Trey Parker’s ’80s Love Ballads

After making a career out of the inherent comedy of shame, it’s fascinating to see the one thing that makes Trey Parker want to crawl into a ravine and die of embarrassment. When the South Park creators stop by to promote the Book of Mormon musical last night, Fallon played a track from Trey Parker’s album of ‘80s love songs, recorded when Parker was a high school sophomore with a Pizza Hut side job. “Is that a slide whistle?” Jimmy inquired as he played his favorite track from “Immature: a collection of love ballads for the 80s man.” “I don’t know! I was sixteen!” Parker grumbled, before quietly and with extreme reluctance singing along to “I Spit On Your Love.” The man will write and film 15 minutes about a gerbil journeying through Mr. Slave’s rectum, and this is what makes him squirm.

The Dulcet Tones Of Teenage Trey Parker’s ’80s Love […]