The Hardest Working Woman In Show Business Gets Another Season

Did you see Joan Rivers get waterboarded by her grandson the other day? That alone seems like enough to guarantee Joan River’s reality show got renewed for a second season, to air starting in January 2012. “Joan Knows Best? has proven to be a hit for WE tv and we’re thrilled to offer a fresh new season to our enthusiastic viewers, and continue our relationship with Joan and Melissa,” said WE tv senior vice president John Miller. “Each episode features an intimate sneak peek into the lives of this famous pair, and sheds light on what we as viewers don’t usually get to see.  This is a mother and daughter who love each other madly but experience the same ups and downs as all of us.  It’s this aspect that makes the show so relatable and fun for women.” So maybe once in a while you have to let a grade-schooler pour freezing water up your nose on national television while his friends scream and laugh. Is that any worse than any other job in the industry? I certainly have no idea.

The Hardest Working Woman In Show Business Gets […]