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Spider-Man’s Arachne, T.V. Carpio, Has Superhuman Powers of Diplomacy

Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan
Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan

T.V. Carpio appears in the Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless coming out this week, but more intriguing, she plays Arachne in the ill-fated Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. We eagerly got on the phone with the actress and found out she was far more willing to talk about her sex scene with Cooper than the boondoggle she got snared in on Broadway. Press her as we did, we could not get her to concede that the production was in any way troubled: Spider-Man himself would be felled by her mighty powers of loyalty!

Your scene in Limitless is funny!
Did you see it before they completely cut the sex scenes? They had to take out three sex scenes to avoid the R-rating or something.

I saw it with a sex scene, but it wasn’t a sex scene. You just heard noises and saw some movement, I think. That’s it.

Right, so that’s cut. They said it was a lot funnier before it was cut because supposedly my legs were up in the air. I don’t remember my legs being up in the air. But apparently in the director’s cut they’re going to have three more sex scenes in there.

How was it doing those scenes with Bradley “Blue Eyes” Cooper?
I’ll just say I like my job. I’m not complaining.

Let’s talk Spider-Man. How did you find out that Julie Taymor was being replaced?
The producers called a meeting and announced that we were going to get new writers and a new director, Philip William McKinley, and that Julie wasn’t able to finish her, what is it — her, what do you call it — she was not going to be able to do it because she had other contracts or something contractual.

You were told she had contractual obligations?
Yes, that she had other projects waiting for her, that she couldn’t do Spider-Man 24/7 or something.

It seems clear that that’s not what it was, though. She was pushed out because of creative differences. She wasn’t making certain changes the producers wanted.
Actually, I have not gotten any confirmation on that personally.

What do you think about the reports that your part, Arachne, is going to get drastically cut?
I actually don’t even know that either. Nobody’s said anything to me. It’s just stuff I’ve read online.

What might your reaction be when you finally do get word about your role being diminished?
As an actor, we’re all storytellers, so if it helps to tell a better story, then I’m all for it, you know?

I would imagine there’s tension, though. A good friend of yours, Julie, just got pushed out.
I don’t know the details of what happened other than what they’ve told us, which is that Julie is still going to be involved, but not on a day-to-day basis.

That’s interesting, because that’s really not what’s being reported right now.
The thing is, as a cast, we’re always last to find out exactly what is happening. They don’t tell us every time there’s speculation.

Has Julie reached out to you since she was let go?
No, she hasn’t. I don’t know — was she let go? I don’t know, she hasn’t reached out to me.

She hasn’t made a comment to the press about it, which in itself is a sign that things didn’t end well.
The only thing I could think is that everybody has their own idea of how to tell a good story.

Meaning her idea of a good story wasn’t what the producers wanted?
I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know. Everybody has different ideas of what’s beautiful. I mean, this is all speculation again. I don’t want to get involved with speculation, I really don’t.


Spider-Man’s Arachne, T.V. Carpio, Has Superhuman Powers of Diplomacy