Twitter Is For Strokes’ Lovers, Or How The Internet Isn’t All Bad

When you’re hunched over your computer 24 hours a day like I am, eyeballs drying into golden raisins as you tweet and Tumbl towards a future where we’re controlled by our overlord Mark Zuckerberg’s new puppy, it’s hard to remember that sometimes the internet is downright adorable. For example, this past weekend, the Twitter addictions of Jake Fogelnest and Questlove helped two Strokes fans survive 55 hours in the freezing cold. Mental survive counts; one would argue it’s the most important survival of all. After Jake tweeted about their adventures of patience in the SNL standby line, incredibly dedicated Strokes fans Emily and Molly managed to hear about and respond to his tweets to clarify that they are not Miley fans. In repayment Fogelnest visited the two total strangers to keep them company. “I’m a fan. I love being a fan. Hell, i’ve made a career out of being a fan! And yes, it is a little crazy to wait in line 48 hours just to see some dumb rock band on some dumb TV show, but I totally get it. And these two girls did it with total class and awesomeness,” Fogelnest wrote.

As if that wasn’t enough encouragement from a total stranger, Questlove also stopped by to tweet their saga, even offering to buy them Subway because he’s a king among men! Emily and Molly even managed to meet The Strokes as they ambled to their car; Fab Moretti came back later with treats to see the girls through the chilly Thursday evening. “I remembered your hands were cold so I bought you handwarmers…then I got snacks and some magazines and stuff,” he told them. Because sure, why wouldn’t your rock star idol reward your obsession with Almond Joys and an Entertainment Weekly? Emily and Molly eventually got into the SNL dress rehearsal, and had an awesome time in terrible seats. Who know if they’d have made it without the gentle support of social networking and all those delicious Twix? All we know is if that was us, they’d still be chipping our frozen bodies off the sidewalk. Or we would have gone home. Either way, we never would have made it, but even more so without the Twitter love.

Twitter Is For Strokes’ Lovers, Or How The Internet […]