Will Arnett Cast In Christina Applegate Pilot; Dundler Mifflin Party Planning Commitee Dips Back Into Precious Welcome Card Fund

I’m no Matlock (yet), but the evidence sure is mounting that Will Arnett will not replace Steve Carell, despite guest-starring in The Office finale. As Splitsider reported last week, Will Arnett will co-star in NBC’s Christina Applegate pilot. The show still has no name, but continues to slowly assemble a more and more excellent cast. Deadline confirms that Arnett will be playing Applegate’s husband, the stay-at home dad to her “acerbic” working mom. That plus co-star Maya Rudolph basically guarantees we will watch this show praying it survives, but it seems more and more likely our Arnett/Creed slash-fiction will remain solely in the word of fantasy. Since Will Ferrell won’t be joining The Office full-time either, the speculation about who will be sliding into Michael Scott’s still butt-warm chair continues.

Will Arnett Cast In Christina Applegate Pilot; Dundler […]