Will Forte’s Post SNL Career: Feeling Great, Feeling Good, How Are You?

You can never tell whether life post-SNL will shower you will fist-sized diamonds and stacks of cash, or will force you to star in the Chairman Of The Board remake (nowhere near as good as the original). Which is why we’re happy to hear that Will Forte landed his first full-time TV gig since leaving SNL last summer. Forte will be a series regular on Allen Gregory, an animated show about the trevails of a 7-year-old in elementary school; Forte will voice characters alongside Jonah Hill and French Stewart, who we are also glad to hear is getting work.

On the film front, Forte will starring in the upcoming indie drama Run and Jump, which was developed by the Irish Film Board and the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, and will be shot in Ireland this May. We’re interested to see Will in a dramatic turn, though the likelihood that we’ll be able to get the graveyard sex scene from MacGruber out of our minds the whole time seems pretty unlikely.  So much wheezing and grunting. In addition to the two projects announced today, Forte will appear in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy with Jason Sudeikis and Lucy Punch, and the upcoming Tim and Eric Billion Dollar Movie. Will Forte: making that cash.

Will Forte’s Post SNL Career: Feeling Great, Feeling […]