An Exhausted Todd Phillips Promising ‘Unbelievable’ R-Rated Surprises in The Hangover Part II

Looks like watching a monkey chew on a fake wiener in the middle of a crowded bus is just a tiny hint of the R-rated goodness in The Hangover Part II. Todd Phillips explained in an interview with Coming Soon at CinemaCon that, despite running himself ragged shooting three films in a row (Hangover, Due Date, Hangover Part II), he is still alert enough to proudly guard his movie’s raunchy secrets like a perverted bridge troll. “The truth is we’re constrained by the fact that we’re R-rated, so you can’t give - even the trailer you just saw, that’s a PG-13 trailer, so by the nature of the movie, we’re holding so much stuff back just because you can’t show it,” Phillips explained. “So believe me, you won’t believe the R-rated surprises that exist in The Hangover that you won’t see touched on in commercials or trailers, really.” While he is ridiculously proud of his returning cast, admits Phillips, “The thing is, I don’t have a life, I really don’t, maybe on the first Hangover. Since the first Hangover, there hasn’t been a day I’ve had off. I’m physically exhausted. (Laughs) It’s crazy.” Crazy like a fox! A fox that nibbles on an old man’s faux boner.

An Exhausted Todd Phillips Promising ‘Unbelievable’ […]