Befuddled Dad Billy Crystal Talks to Jon Stewart about Funny or Die, Twitter, and Other Such Newfangled Things

Last night on The Daily Show, Billy Crystal showed up to promote…a Funny or Die video? That his daughters and two son-in-laws produced? And also the fact that he was going to tweet for the first time that night? It was all very strange! Since when do you go on TV to promote a web video? The way he talked about it, it made it seem like some sort of big familial favor from Billy Crystal. It’s like when you ask your father-and-law for help getting a job at the plant where he is the manager, except instead of it being a plant it is the entertainment industry and instead of him being a plant manager he is Billy Crystal. And that entry level floor job is a web video.

Also! His conversation with Jon about texting was like watching your dad and your uncle complain about kids today and their phones, only if your dad and uncle were famous comedians. That is to say, funny, but you also want to be like, Oh dad and Uncle Billy, you are so out of touch!

Befuddled Dad Billy Crystal Talks to Jon Stewart about […]