Dramatic Advances in the Kings of Leon–Ryan Murphy Peace Process

Ryan Murphy apologized! The backstory: The Glee creator called out Kings of Leon for not wanting their songs on the show, the band responded by suggesting Murphy purchase a bra, and then Dave Grohl came out of nowhere to tell Murphy to chill (“fuck that guy”). Murphy’s main contention was that by saying no to Glee, bands were saying no to youth music education. Which, as he now admits in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, is a pretty ridiculous thing to say. In all seriousness, Vulture has to give Murphy a lot of credit for swallowing his pride and apologizing for his behavior, in a manner so believable it would make Chris Brown’s head spin. The quotes in question:

I didn’t speak with as much clarity as I would have liked. Who am I to say ‘F–k you?’ That’s not what I meant. I completely understand when artists don’t want a show or another artist to interpret their songs. In fact, I respect it. It’s their personal work and I’d feel the same way. We get turned down all the time and I’ve don’t fight it or even go back after a rejection … I’ve never felt that if you don’t give Glee your music, there’s something diabolical about you. To the contrary: I support artists and what they choose to do… I think Kings of Leon are cool as shit. The Foo Fighters are brilliant. We’d love to do one if their songs, if they were ever interested. But if it’s not their thing, then OK. I personally wish them luck will still listen to their music.

Also crucial from THR’s story: Recently, Björk politely declined the usage of one of her songs on Glee. Which one?!!

’Glee’s’ Ryan Murphy Backs Off Kings of Leon Attack (Exclusive) [HR]

Dramatic Advances in the Kings of Leon–Ryan Murphy Peace Process