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5 Questions for Tonight’s Episode of Gossip Girl

There are just four more episodes of Gossip Girl this season, and as we head into the home stretch, things are getting serious. We’ve got five spoiler-free questions we hope will be answered by tonight’s “Petty in Pink,” if not by the end of the season. Perhaps you have your own?

- Is it possible Blair Waldorf has not seen Clueless and taken Cher Horowitz’s “This isn’t Kentucky” mantra regarding adolescent marriage to heart? Or, is Blair for real with this marrying a Prince or a billionaire thing? (Guess: Just temporarily.)

- When is Vanessa going to learn that every time she opens her mouth, she only makes things worse? Or, what will be the fallout of Vanessa leaving a spiteful message on Serena’s phone, telling her that Blair and Dan kissed? (Guess: Vanessa will never learn)

- Do rich people fare differently in the legal system on Gossip Girl than they do in the real legal system? Or, how hard will the slap on Lily Van Der Woodsen’s wrist be? (Guess: More than a tap, less than a smack.)

- If you are the kind of person skeaved out by sleeping with your stepsister, will you also be the kind of person who avoids flirting with your stepsister’s cousin? Or, will Dan Humphrey keep batting eyes at Charlie? (Guess: Yes.)

- If you can’t sleep with your cousin’s ex-boyfriend, who can you sleep with? Who will Charlie bang? (Guess: Huh. She doesn’t have great options.)

One thing we do know for sure will happen tonight, thanks to the following exclusive bonus clip, is that Lily will be planning the Pink Party. And also, Eric looks and acts exactly the same when he’s had three cups of coffee as he always does.

5 Questions for Tonight’s Episode of Gossip Girl