How the Producers of The Office Are Dealing with Carell’s Exit

We initially, a year ago, had a plan of very quietly exiting Michael Scott. And then after he announced, it became very clear that nobody was going to allow us to quietly exit Michael Scott and Steve Carell. It was a big story people wanted to talk about. At that point, we decided to play out on air what happens in an office when someone leaves, the growing pains and adjustments that come with management changes. It’s something a lot of people have experienced, and we search all the time for the relatable office stories. So it felt like we had a good, relatable story line that was worthy of an arc.

Steve Carell’s third-to-last Office episode airs tonight, and Vulture talked to Toby/Exec Producer Paul Lieberstein about how they approached his exit and the secrecy around who’s going to replace him on the show.

The whole interview is full of great insights into the show and well worth reading, so go ahead and check it out.

How the Producers of The Office Are Dealing with […]