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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Work, Not to Talk

Last night at Don Hill’s, we ran into Lindsay Lohan at The Peggy Siegal Company’s after-party for Ceremony. Lohan’s been in the news lately for trying to clean up her act and her career post-rehab; rumors have her attached to a Charles Manson biopic and even considering a name change. After having us booted from the VIP section, then apologizing for it, she consented to one question. We asked four.

What’s the most frustrating misconception about you?
That I don’t want to focus on my career, because that’s all I want to do. I love working, and it’s all I want to do. I just think people should stop being afraid to give me a chance, because I’m in a better space now. I can amount up to what they expect, and more.

Do you think people still think you’re in “a bad space”?

Do you consider yourself a feminist?
… no?

Why not?
[Smiling.] I said one question.

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Work, Not to Talk