Louis CK Talks About Why He Ditches Funny Jokes on HBO’s Talking Funny

There’s a fascinating discussion, for instance, of profanity on stage and why Seinfeld has refused to curse in his act. At one point, Seinfeld performs a bit from C.K.’s act, and C.K. marvels at how much Seinfeld’s more polished delivery changed the nature of the joke. At one point, the men get into an argument about how easy it is to just go on stage and make people laugh, regardless of material, and C.K. surprises the others by saying that he frequently drops jokes from his act that get big laughs because he believes the laughs aren’t coming from their quality, but because he knows how to deliver them after so many years on stage.

Alan Sepinwall got a chance to check out HBO’s Talking Funny before it debuts tomorrow night, and, well, it sounds like it’s going to meet the already-high expectations folks have for it:So can we make this a series? Please? It sounds incredible.

Louis CK Talks About Why He Ditches Funny Jokes on […]