Mad Men Haiku Contest: We’ve Got Winners!

Between the time we announced our Mad Men contest and now, the show’s contract negotiations reached a happy ending, with AMC and Matthew Weiner agreeing on at least two, and possibly three, more seasons. But even if the show hadn’t been saved, we could have taken some small pleasure in your brilliant Mad Men haiku. Sadly, only five could win — and the entries from those victorious few are posted below — but a big Vulture thanks to all those who participated.

Don’s always drunk. Midge
On junk. Peggy and the Beats.
Megan in Don’s sheets

Sally’s innocence,
Melting away like the ice
In Don’s old fashioned

Queen of Perversions
Or Astronaut Blankenship?
We hardly knew ye.

Donald to Peggy:
“That’s what the money is for!”
Suitcase episode

Wait, don’t take it off
Slap me with your bra still on
Prostitute lover


Mad Men Haiku Contest: We’ve Got Winners!