Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans [Updated]

Cage in Drive Angry.

Drive Angry star and Charlie Sheen’s best friend Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic violence and disturbing the peace Saturday morning in New Orleans, according to TMZ. A “very drunk” Cage was reportedly seen pushing his wife Alice during a loud argument on the street, and the cops told him to go home. He declined: “Nic allegedly told cops, ‘Why don’t you just arrest me?’ The cops then reiterated that he and his wife should just go home. Cage then repeated his dare to cops. At that point, police took Nic into custody.”

The two were allegedly arguing over the address of an apartment they were renting in New Orleans. “Cage and and his wife were standing in front of a property he believed they were renting,” TMZ reports. “She disagreed, and he grabbed her by the arm to pull her to the correct address.” Alice Cage says there was no physical contact, and she doesn’t want him to be charged. Duane “Dog” Chapman reportedly posted the $11,00 bond for Cage, after the actor was held for eight hours.

This isn’t Cage’s first drunken romp through New Orleans, according to GQ editor in chief Jim Nelson, who, in his opening letter to this month’s magazine, described witnessing a seemingly drunk Cage at a restaurant during Mardi Gras in March. According to Nelson, when he arrived, he had just missed Cage’s wife and son storming out after a fight, but he then watched Cage overenthusiastically befriend a couple at the bar (“How do I get in contact with you?” Cage nearly screamed. “GIVE ME YOUR DIGITS!!!”), stagger over to hit on two women (“You.” He pointed at the brunette. “You’re a contender.” He turned to the blonde. “You’re not.”) and get dragged out of the restaurant by security. It’s quite a tale.

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Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans [Updated]