Oh, Right, It’s 4/20

Forgive me for being a little blasé about this whole made-up stoner holiday, but I think we sort of shot our wad when it comes to talkin’ about stoner comedy a couple of weeks ago during Stoner Week. But hey, that content is still as fresh as the dank bud you’re smokin’, bro. Why not peruse one or all of these fine articles?

-Why Weed Makes Things Funnier, Medically Speaking

-A Definitive Guide to Stoner Comedies

-Hollywood’s 10 Most Ridiculously Unrealistic Weed Scenes

-10 Memorable Weed-Based TV Episodes

And check out all the rest of the week’s features right here. Or, if you’re already high and don’t want to deal with all those words, might I suggest this?

Oh, Right, It’s 4/20