Ricky Gervais and Jon Stewart Talk Dinosaurs, Getting Ripped in Extended Uncensored Interview

You know if he really wanted to, Jon Stewart could have jammed Ricky Gervais’ Daily Show interview into the allotted time; You can tell he just didn’t want to stop giggling; Luckily for us he didn’t, and Gervais’ full, uncensored interview is available online for our delectation. After the commercial break, Ricky gave the studio audience tickets to the gun show when he threw up the image on his crucifixion-lite Easter card, which garnered actual gasps of horror from the crowd.

Later Stewart and Gervais riffed on matters of faith and getting totally swole. “Really, I just wanted to show that I’ve been working out,” Ricky said, explaining that he was using the Biblical diet to drop pounds, which as Stewart pointed out, is basically just The Cleanse via dysentery. “They ate a lot of fish. Well, not a lot of fish, but they had a little bit fish and made it go a long way,” Gervais explained. “There were no fat people in the Bible. Well, they never mention them, but then again they never mention dinosaurs, and apparently they were around at the same time.” Since there is no mention of the prehistoric lizards in the Good Book (and the earth is only 5,000 years old, obviously), you really have to wonder what other parts of our dino-topic life must have been edited out for brevity. “A fundamentalist view of history is rather like an episode of The Flintstones, isn’t it?” Ricky pondered. “Pelicans mixing concrete…you and me in little furry pants.” Really makes you think, about those furry pants.

Ricky Gervais and Jon Stewart Talk Dinosaurs, Getting […]