The Change-Up Trailer, or What Happens When You Cross the Streams

American cinema has a long, storied history of body swap films, from Freaky Friday to The Hot Chick. Instead of a magic fortune cookie or a pair of enchanted earrings, however, The Change-Up trailer has Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds switching lives by peeing in the same fountain. Despite the fact that Bateman’s life looks like a walking nightmare (“Children are like living with little heroin addicts,” he groans) while Reynolds’ involves having sex and being happy, both men wish mid-urination that they were in the other person’s shoes. Be careful what you pee for! Olivia Wilde stops by as Bateman’s legal associate, while Leslie Mann plays Bateman’s smoking hot albeit digestively challenged wife. The interesting premise hinted at in the trailer is how the friends’ true feelings about each other’s douchiness/toolhood might be revealed by such an insane crisis. That being said, it seems like the audience’s enjoyment of the movie really all depends on one question: “I’ve got freckles on my taint. How awesome is that?”

The Change-Up Trailer, or What Happens When You Cross […]