This Week in Humorous Things

-Steve Carell said goodbye to The Office. We looked at all the roles he almost had but didn’t end up with for one reason or another.

-We interviewed Norm MacDonald.

-The trailer for the Ghostbusters porn parody arrived, and it’s as full as slime as you’d expect.

-Bill Maher accused The Onion of stealing one of his jokes. The only problem? They made it six months before he did.

-We dove deep into the archives of Spy magazine, one of the funniest magazines ever.

-We looked at the mayorship of Reykjavik’s Jon Gnarr, the Icelandic comedian who ran for office and won.

-We talked to the founders of the classic humor website Modern Humorist, which spawned some of today’s best comedy writers.

-Episode 2 of our web series Low Standards tackled the pervy classic Porky’s.

-We interviewed hilarious standup Amy Schumer about her new album and upcoming roles in Delocated and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

-We looked at The Graduate, the father of today’s awkward style of comedy.

-The Paul Reiser Show was unceremoniously cancelled after two episodes.

-We looked at the trouble with comedian biopics.

-The Finally Screenings wrapped up its 7.5 month run.

And, as usual, your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Behind Fast Five

Most Elaborate Stalking Ever

Broad City: The Commute

The Office Documentary Team

Girls Watch Porn Too

This Week in Humorous Things