Tina Fey Confirms Pregnancy; Vomit On Jacket Will Be Almost Certainly Not Hers

Once Tina was trapped in a world of wet wipes and rectal thermometers. Then the babies came and life changed. Last night People confirmed that Tina Fey is pregnant with her second child with husband Jeff Richmond; the couple also have five-year-old daughter Alice. The 30 Rock star apparently spilled the beans yesterday during the taping of her upcoming Oprah interview airing April 12, though the likelihood that Oprah was just a drug-induced hallucination remains high.

Interestingly, Fey’s new book Bossypants actually delves into her worries about whether or not she can successfully juggle another child while continuing to church out the hot comedic gold that is 30 Rock; apparently the answer, for the time being at least, is hell yeah. Of course, if Alec Baldwin’s claim that 30 Rock will wrap after next season is correct, Tina might be able to enjoy some down time, maybe start to chip away at her 30,000-hour sleep debt before her next project.  However, if anyone else on the planet has any say in it, 30 Rock will keep going unto eternity, during which we call all take turns providing free child care to Tina’s kids, forever. I’ll print out a sign-up sheet.

Tina Fey Confirms Pregnancy; Vomit On Jacket Will Be […]