Will Ferrell está en Fuego in the Telenovela Spoof Casa de mi Padre

Based on the number of slaps delivered in the trailer, Will Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre is going to leave his stoic face looking like ground chuck. Which is to say, I’m on board already. A feature-length telenovela spoof filmed entirely in Spanish, Casa features Ferrell as Armando Alvarez, a man who will fight gangsters, seduce his brother’s girlfriend and record the film’s theme song if it means he can save his father’s ranch. Y Tu Mama Tambien stars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal round out the cast as Ferrell’s newly wealthy brother Raul and the conniving drug lord Onza, respectively. While the question seems to be, “Should they have left Casa as an amazing trailer?” the saturated color and over-the-top gunplay makes this genre parody look spot-on. Also, given the amount of epic slow-motion we have to look forward to, the film is probably only about 15 minutes of footage total. So if things don’t pan out, they really only wasted about a day of filming.

Will Ferrell está en Fuego in the Telenovela Spoof […]