British Comedian Peter Serafinowicz Segues Into Directing Music Videos, Robo-Decapitation

British comedian and Running Wilde scene-stealer Peter Serafinowicz just preempted Hugh Jackman’s robot-boxing epic Real Steel with his video for Alex Metric’s “Open Your Eyes.” Sorry, Hugh. This $12.50 belongs to Sallie Mae now. The Shaun Of The Dead star explained, “I’ve always wanted to do a feature-length comedy remake of Rocky. My agent told me this was wasn’t realistic so a music video based on Rocky was the next best thing,” which explains both the training montage and the hint at human-robot lovemaking. Serafinowicz’s music video directorial debut Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better” is equally silly and unnerving, the message of which is, as Serafinowicz puts it, “That all music is evil, which incidentally is one of the few things me and the Taliban agree on.”

British Comedian Peter Serafinowicz Segues Into […]