Comedy Buddha Garry Shandling Soothes WTF With Marc Maron

While Garry Shandling’s WTF with Marc Maron episode obviously covers his career from Sanford And Son to The Larry Sanders Show, as well as the Ponzi scheme of the American socio-political system, the most interesting theme of his conversation is the therapeutic working over he gives host Marc Maron. “We’re doing this show to help you from confronting your mother. That’s the whole subtext of this show, isn’t it?” Shandling probes, later musing, “It just struck me deeply that you’re in pain, and that should go on a t-shirt.” It only gets deeper from there. “Life itself is impermanent, not solid, purely energy,” Shandling scoffs. “Putting up walls around it is just ignorance. It’s based on fear.” By the time he describes the world as being “flooded with sociopaths,” you want to see if he’ll take your insurance, or maybe just let you lay on his couch for an hour in the fetal position.

Comedy Buddha Garry Shandling Soothes WTF With Marc […]