Earwolf to Launch a ‘Competition Reality Podcast’ Pitting Comedy Podcasters Against Each Other

Earwolf is working on something called “Project Tippy Toe,” a new competition-based podcast that will pit 10 “amateur” comedy podcasters against each other for the amusement of listeners and the “pro” judges, including host Matt Besser and guests from established podcasts, such as Scott Aukerman, Marc Maron and Doug Benson. It will “follow a group of ten amateur comedy podcasts over ten weeks of competitions and judging.”

While the delineation between who is an amateur podcaster and who is a cool, established podcaster seems vague at best, fortunately this doesn’t seem like an excuse to humiliate and make fun of up-and-comers or folks outside of the LA podcasting scene. As Earwolf’s Jeff Ulrich explained, “it’s going to be low on drama for the most part. We want this to really be about the craft of developing a comedy podcast.” Established hosts working with talented newcomers to create new podcasts sounds like it could be pretty interesting, especially with a contract for an Earwolf show on the line. We’ll see what the show’s competition actually entails this September, when the show is set to debut after a summer of recording and presumably a lot of competition that takes place while sitting on cheap office chairs.

Earwolf to Launch a ‘Competition Reality Podcast’ […]