Here Is The Napoleon Dynamite Animated Trailer; Where Is Lafawnduh?

I’m sure there are a lot of other questions people might have about the new Napoleon Dynamite show, such as “Why did it take this long after the movie to be made?” and “Does it even make sense as a cartoon?” and “What?” However, the Napoleon Dynamite animated trailer leaves me with only one query: where is Kip’s wife Lafawnduh? Based on the series description, the new show takes places after Pedro’s election as class president, ergo it would seem to follow the same time line and reality of the movie. The rest of the original cast is returning to voice their cartoon avatars; I did not watch Napoleon wrangle Kip and Lafawnduh a wild honeymoon stallion for their wedding day just so they can ice her out of the TV show. Based on her IMDB profile, actress Shondrella Avery isn’t currently cast in anything in 2011, though I begrudgingly admit it’s entirely possible she didn’t care to revisit a role from seven years ago. Guess they’ll have to wait and see if everyone else in America feels the same way.

Here Is The Napoleon Dynamite Animated Trailer; Where […]