It’s Double Fakeout Fake Criterions Month; Let’s Celebrate A Blaffair to Rememblack The Way It Was Meant To Be Celebrated

Over at the Fake Criterions tumblr, it’s Double Fakeout Fake Criterions Month, which means you get to finally see the promo posters for your favorite fake movies, like Arrested Development’s Les Cousins Dangereux and Tropic Thunder’s Satan’s Alley. All of the submissions are reader-created, so if anyone has the requisite Photoshop skills, please throw something together for Basic Analysis, “one woman’s triumph over a yeast infection, set against the background of the tragic Buffalo Bill season of ‘91.” It was Shannen’s Doherty’s finest work. Alternately, what other movie-with-a movie/TV show would you want to see on your wall?

It’s Double Fakeout Fake Criterions Month; Let’s […]