Jenny Slate On That One Fateful F-Bomb, And Everything Since

While most of us don’t go through the day without hearing the word “fuck” less than a dozen times and we barely bat an eye, Jenny Slate’s slip-up on air at SNL in 2009 may have cost her a job. Luckily, it also helped shoved her career into the next level. L Magazine’s “The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Jenny Slate,” the single-season alum still wonders about that mistake. “I wrote that sketch. I wonder if it was something that I subconsciously did to myself. I am eternally confused by it. I don’t like to make mistakes,” Slate says. Since she was let go from late-night, she’s been churning out work, including a video project titled Jenny Slate: Self Esteem, voice over work for the next Chipmunks movie and cataloging the adventures of one particularly winsome shell with feet. “In terms of having arrived, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way, nor do I want to, I think. I like the ascent, I like hoping, and I like building,” says Slate. “Sometimes I daydream about bringing my agents to my childhood home and showing them my old bedroom, and conducting a career planning meeting in there, in my most personal place, the place where I would daydream about being an actress.”

Jenny Slate On That One Fateful F-Bomb, And Everything […]