Jerry Seinfeld Can’t Watch Seinfeld, Sees Only Himself ‘Struggling’

Unlike the rest of the modem world, apparently Jerry Seinfeld can’t watch Seinfeld. “I don’t really, in fact I don’t at all. I think because as much as I enjoy the humor of it, it kind of reminds me of how hard it was to do,” he explained in an interview with Popeater. “I can’t seem to get that part out of my head and just enjoy the show but I’m working on it because I would like to watch them more. When I watch them I see my face and I see how I was struggling.”

While Seinfeld might not be able to tolerate himself on the small screen, he doesn’t mind including some less-than-flattering moments in Seinfeld’s new online archive, which he calls a “valentine to this profession”: “I wouldn’t say bomb, there are things on there … it’s very personal and that’s what I thought it should be, because if you like somebody and I’m going to assume someone going to this site is interested in what I do, one thing that you don’t get sometimes from people is I wonder what part of their work they like,” he explained. “So I thought that would be interesting, and there are jokes that didn’t play well but I love them so I put those on there, so this is my favorite stuff, it might not be yours. That’s the nature of all comedy, comedy is extremely personal, you can love a comedian and he’s still going to have five jokes that you absolutely revile.”

Jerry Seinfeld Can’t Watch Seinfeld, Sees Only Himself […]