Ken Jeong Talks about The Hangover Part 2 and His Wife, Makes You Cry into Your Dumb Baby Fists

In addition to being hilarious in Community, Role Models and The Hangover, Ken Jeong has the admirable quality of being exactly as giddy and grateful as a person should be when they get paid to do the thing they love. He also consistently makes everyone want to sob into their hot little hands. While filming The Hangover Part 2, Jeong recalls “Zach [Galifianakis] and Todd [Phillips] would joke around, and it was like you’re a 7-year-old kid in front of your comedy idol. It was like a Ping-Pong game. They’re like, ‘Ken, you should see the look on your face.’ I had like the biggest shit-eating grin on my face.”

Jeong also gave props to his wife Tran, who’s battle with cancer had the actor weepy at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and me weepy….right now. “My wife was going through breast cancer at the time, so doing Chow was very cathartic. I jumped out of the car naked, and it was completely my idea, and it was very cathartic,” Jeong says. “The whole point of Chow to me was to go for it. Life is short. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. There is a lot of this that’s a love letter to my wife. I’ve never told anyone this, but in the first movie when I’m releasing Black Doug, I say “Cachik!” It means “chicken die” in Vietnamese. And then I say “Camong!” which is Vietnamese for “thank you.” There are a lot of jokes that I was deliberately doing to make my wife laugh while she was recovering from chemo.” Hope you brought a change of clothes to work, because now your eyes are just pissing tears.

Ken Jeong Talks about The Hangover Part 2 and His […]