Let’s Talk About The Hangover Part II, Which Printed Money All Weekend Long

It might not surprise you to hear that The Hangover Part II raked in $105.8 million over Memorial Day weekend, but considering how scathing some of The Hangover Part II reviews were, it’s a testament to the nation’s love of drunken mistakes that the film broke the opening weekend record for top-grossing live-action comedies, coming second only to The Matrix Reloaded for R-rated films. To give you a sense of perspective, The Hangover earned $45 million its first weekend, and was still a run-away success.

With that in mind, welcome to The Hangover Part II open thread, where you can discuss original vs. sequel, ponder the dark charisma of Alan and generally get so worked up that you have to angrily eat your lunch while typing at your desk. My personal opinion? Hangover Part II: worth seeing, but too many monkey hand jobs! There should be a per-movie limit to the number of times a monkey can be referenced as performing a sex act on Ken Jeong’s character. It should be in her little monkey contract! Let’s discuss, shall we?

Let’s Talk About The Hangover Part II, Which Printed […]