Louie The One-Man Show: Straight From Louis C.K.’s Brain To Your TV

New York Mag profiles Louis C.K.’s Louie, which seems to leap fully formed from the comedian’s dirty mind, given that he is the sole writer, director, music supervisor, and of course star. Louis also hired his own casting team after turning down FX’s help, gets no network notes and doesn’t need to get script approval in a one-time “Louis C.K. deal,” which is great considering he plans on taking his show down an even stranger road than he has so far.

C.K.’s directing style also differs from your average sitcom, shooting distinct sketches instead of scripts, then piecing them together later. “Everybody wants to improve the material, so they will comb over it, take out abnormalities,” he says of the writers’ rooms at traditional shows. “It’s like certain kinds of food: You like them to be chunky and irregular. And they’ll just keeping puréeing and puréeing till it’s perfect, and who the fuck wants it?”  Louis is so committed to giving his show a first-draft feel, he acknowledges that he  “can’t stand” 30 Rock and Community: ” I think Tina’s really funny, but they get to this place where it gets really madcap, and I just smell a roomful of writers getting off.”

Louie The One-Man Show: Straight From Louis C.K.’s […]