NBC to Double its Comedy Programming This Fall With a Boatload of New Sitcoms

A handful of other laffers that may make the cut for a fall launch, or maybe a midseason start: “Free Agents,” “Bent” and Kari Lizer’s “Help Wanted.”“Family Practice,” from “Parks and Recreation” writer Dan Goor, have had strong supporters in the past, but with many options in play it’s too difficult to read the tea leaves at the moment.According to sources, NBC might likely open a second night of comedy in September. Peacock has long used Thursday as a platform for its top comedies, but if Greenblatt feels he has an overflow of quality laffers, he might opt to make Tuesday or Wednesday a comedy beachhead as well.

This will all be official come Sunday, but until then, it’s hearsay aplenty. Variety is reporting that NBC is giving the greenlight to at least three new sitcoms for this fall: Whitney, Alpha Mom (formerly the untitled Emily Spivey project) and Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. But that’s not all!Yes, Variety uses the word “laffers” without a hint of irony. So insidery?

In any case, this all sounds pretty exciting. NBC might be a sad sack in the ratings, but its track record with network comedies is tough to argue with. Alpha Mom sounds incredibly promising, as it’s Produced by Lorne Michaels, created by SNL/Parks and Rec writer Emily Spivey and stars Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. But really all of it sounds great. Hopefully Family Practice can find room in one of the two (!!) comedy nights NBC will have next year. But really, we’re looking at a full doubling of NBC’s comedy content, so even if some of these are stinkers, there’s bound to be some gold in here. Exciting stuff all around.

NBC to Double its Comedy Programming This Fall With a […]