Quest For A Meme: Trump Trollface

The internet is fueled by topicality. Humor seems to drive the most popular memes and viral content. As a reader, hitting your favorite aggregators everyday, you are bound to see the next Sad Keanu or Scumbag Steve. Those oddball pics are quickly photoshopped or captioned in a game of one upsmanship for all of those skilled enough to participate. Single serving tumblrs pop up every week inviting viewers to see variations on Buscemi Eyes or Socially Awkward Penguin. Universal characters like the FFFFFUUUUUU guy or Forever Alone allow the internet as a collective whole to play along and get a chance to get reblogged. This visual joke telling has become one of the constant aspects of daily internet life, and the shared quality of beating the joke to death allows for fresh meat to come in waves for the next round.

I have made my own attempts over the last few years to create memes with varying success. My Stephen Hawkman image has made the rounds but my Tupac Mutant Ninja Turtle failed horribly. From time to time, I will be contacted by fellow comedy people with a brilliant idea for a visual gag. Its all hit or miss when it comes to this stuff, because its up to the internet as a whole to decide whether it has legs or not.

It is with this, that I present the Trump Trollface. Through my pixel handiwork, but from the mind of the UCB’s Alex Sidtis.

Seems like a natural fit. Troll guy has cemented an iconic place within internet memedom, and lately The Donald can’t seem to shut his trap.

Now for the fun part. I invite you, enthusiastic comedy blog reader, to come up with your best punchlines and/or photo reassignment surgeries. Post your quips and links in the comments below, and we’ll see if this one has any legs or not.

Quest For A Meme: Trump Trollface