SNL Castmembers on Meeting The Celebrities They Impersonate: ‘Aw, please don’t hit me.’

Whether it’s staring down a taxidermied ram, threatening to pork Alex Trebek’s mom or worrying their hands are turning to sand, SNL impersonations often toe the line between what’s hilarious and what will get your slapped across the mouth at the Vanity Fair after-party. New York Mag probed Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen about their overwhelmingly positive interactions with their slightly more famous alter-egos. While David Paterson suggested that he too should wander past the camera, and Sarah Palin fixed Sudeikis’ hair to make it more “Todd,” the best celebrity run-in of the bunch would be Fred Armisen’s late-night encounter with Prince. After the singer reassured Armisen “It’s cool” that Fred portrays him as a crazy-eyed sex dervish, Armisen found himself making small-talk with the artist in the corner of a private party.  “It was really not fancy. Just a buffet and a D.J. He was sitting alone at a table and eating macaroni and cheese, and I went up to him and sort of was like, ‘I think you’re the greatest.’ And I did it in the way that people say things when they want to hear a compliment back,” Armisen explained. “And he turns to me and goes, ‘You know what else is the greatest? This macaroni and cheese.’”

SNL Castmembers on Meeting The Celebrities They […]