The 5 Worst-Looking New Shows of the Fall Season
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The 5 New Shows We're Least Excited About

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​Work It, ABC

For entirely perverse reasons, this is one of the upcoming shows we're actually most excited about. Work It, in which two straight men pose as women in order to get jobs, doesn't just look unfunny or mediocre — though, that too — it looks misguided on a higher level. Like Homeboys in Outer Space level. Yes, Bosom Buddies made this premise sort of work, but that was 30 years ago. There's little chance of anything working here, between the lady-hating macho paranoia that's driving the plot and the overgrown man-child behavior that's sustaining it. And then there's the drag: This isn't 1980, and the characters' absolutely dreadful cross-dressing wouldn't fool a blind grandma living in Osh Kosh. Though, in its own way, that too makes us eager for the show to begin: We can't wait to have the judges of Drag Race tear this thing apart.
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Grimm, NBC

There are two "fairy tales are real" dramas hitting the airwaves this fall, Grimm and ABC's Once Upon a Time. Neither are promising. Once Upon a Time definitely has the worse key art, but it also has more ambition — the characters, to steal one of Lost's terms of art, flash sideways between a fairy-tale world and the town in Maine they've been banished to. Grimm, in contrast, takes fairy tales and turns them into an excuse for a ho-hum crime procedural. That pedophile? He's actually the wolf from "Red Riding Hood," and so on. We'll take failed ambition over mediocrity any day.
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​I Hate My Teenage Daughter, FOX

They're terrible moms who've raised monstrous children, because you know women! When they're not scarfing down pies with their bare hands or pining after the wrong guy, they're probably sending text messages and being mean. Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran have an Emmy and a Tony between them; they deserve way, way better than this screechy, joyless multi-camera comedy.
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​Last Man Standing, ABC

Tim Allen returns to TV in a series that already has us longing for Home Improvement. And not because we love Home Improvement that much (it was fine), but because compared to Last Man, Improvement's thoughts on manhood seem positively nuanced. Instead of the tool-toting father of three boys, Allen now plays a father of daughters, besieged by women at all turns, harpies who force him to, gasp, talk about Glee and drive a minivan. How dare they! Everyone knows testosterone immediately starts depleting upon entry into a family-size sedan. If you didn't know that living a comfortable life surrounded by your loving family, while trying to be a good husband and father, was the most emasculating thing a person could do, well, now Last Man Standing is here to tell you.
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​Whitney, NBC

Admittedly, we're grading Whitney on a curve: If this sitcom — starring and written by Whitney Cummings, who also created CBS's 2 Broke Girls — were airing on almost any other network, on any other night, we'd ignore it. Instead, it's landed the premiere spot for quality (if not highly rated) sitcoms on NBC's Thursday night, and it just doesn't look up to snuff. With the canned laughter and the canned jokes (please, women do things other than go to weddings, right?), this doesn't seem like a worthy seat filler for 30 Rock, which won't be back till mid-season. And, by getting the 9:30 p.m. slot after The Office, Whitney has bumped Parks to the less-watched 8:30 p.m. slot. Boo. Hiss.


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