upfronts 2011

Watch Clips From ABC’s Dramas

ABC unveiled its fall lineup earlier today, and it boasts a slew of new shows, which means lots of highly entertaining clips to watch! Some are entertaining on purpose, some are less so, but you can judge for yourself. There are fairy tales, Charlie’s Angels, some super-shaky camera work, a Gossip Girl cameo, and much more.

Pan Am
ABC’s stewardess drama stars Christina Ricci, though you won’t see her in this clip. You will see women being objectified, by other women, in an era-appropriate manner.

Once Upon a Time
Hoo boy. You’re on your own with this one, in which Snow White gets married and threatened by an evil stepmother. (Better than the key art?)

A fancy party goes bad, like dead-body bad, in this clip from the updated Count of Monte Cristo, set in the Hamptons. Madeline Stowe, Emily VanCamp, and Gossip Girl’s Eric are all here.


Charlie’s Angels
Tinkly music turns to ass-kicking pretty damn fast in this clip from the reboot. No Minka Kelly, but you do get the money line: “You don’t look like cops.” “We’re not. We’re angels.”

The River
Buried treasure turns supernatural, inspires lots of shaky camera work.

Shonda Rhimes’s new show about crisis publicists seems … like a Shonda Rhimes show!

Watch Clips From ABC’s Dramas