What to Watch/DVR This Week

I have to tell you, there isn’t a whole lot going on this week. I hope you’re going on vacation until Thursday.

In case you aren’t, Zach Galifianakis is going to be on Conan tonight and Norm MacDonald will be there on Tuesday. And Ed Helms will be on the Tonight Show on Wednesday. All great.

Then, when you come back from vacation, you’ll be just in time for the hour-long Office season finale with so many guest stars! And then two new episodes of Parks and Recreation, the second of which is also the season finale! That will be nice.

Saturday Night Live should be good this week. Justin Timberlake is hosting and it is also the season finale. Everything is ending. :(

And then you watch Bob’s Burgers on Sunday and get ready to start your new life without any new episodes of almost all of the shows you like.

Check out the rest of the listings and have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 16


8:00PM How I Met Your Mother [New]

Comedy Central

9:00PM - 11:00PM It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11:00PM The Daily Show [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report [New]


10:30PM The United States of Tara [New]


11:00PM Conan (Zach Galifianakis) [New]

Tuesday, May 17


11:35AM Late Show With David Letterman (Melissa McCarthy, Martin Short) [New]

Comedy Central

10:30PM Sports Show With Norm MacDonald [New]

11:00PM The Daily Show [New]

11:30PM Colbert Report [New]


8:00PM Glee [New]

9:30PM Raising Hope [New]


11:00PM Conan (Norm MacDonald) [New]

Wednesday, May 18


8:00PM The Middle [New]

8:30PM The Middle

9:00PM Modern Family [New]

9:30PM Cougar Town [New]

10:00PM Happy Endings [New]

10:30PM Happy Endings [New]

Comedy Central

10:00PM South Park [New]

10:30PM Workaholics [New]

11:00PM The Daily Show [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report [New]


10:00PM Undeclared

10:30PM The Ben Stiller Show

11:00PM Whitest Kids U’ Know


11:35PM The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Ed Helms) [New]


11:00PM Conan (Ryan Hamilton) [New]

Thursday, May 19

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report [New]


8:00PM The Office

8:30PM The Office

9:00PM The Office [New]

10:00PM Parks and Recreation [New]

10:30PM Parks and Recreation [New]

Friday, May 20


11:35PM Late Show With David Letterman (Tracy Morgan) [New]


10:00PM The Soup [New]

Saturday, May 21


11:30PM Saturday Night Live (Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga) [New]

Sunday, May 22

Cartoon Network

11:45PM Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 [New]

12:00AM Superjail! [New]

12:15AM Squidbillies

12:30AM Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole

12:45AM Moral Orel


8:00PM The Simpsons [New]

8:30PM Bob’s Burgers [New]

9:00PM Family Guy [New]

What to Watch/DVR This Week