Women Be Marrying! Lizzy Caplan And Casey Wilson To Star In Ferrell-Produced Bachelorette

Will our lust for wedding-related humor ever be satiated? Or will an eternity of nuptial humor pour forever into the bouquet-shaped hollow in our souls? Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are banking on the latter, as their Gary Sanchez Productions will be funding the new indie comedy Bachelorette, which stars Casey Wilson as a demanding bride, and Lizzy Caplan and Kirsten Dunst as her bridesmaids. Caplan’s character is described as having “a Playboy Bunny body with a Larry David brain,” which would be amazing if that actually meant “self-deprecating neurotic comedy genius” rather than just “sarcastic” as I’m assuming it does. Adam Scott will also be appearing as Caplan’s high school crush, who turns up at the wedding with a gorgeous, much younger date. I see an unflattering chartreuse strapless number being ripped open during a dance floor fist fight in our future.

Women Be Marrying! Lizzy Caplan And Casey Wilson To […]