A Short But Fulfilling Week of Comedy

-We handed out some awards pertaining to the recently ended TV season.

-Successful Tumblr-to-book author Jill Morris ran down the 237 easy steps it takes to become a published author.

-Speaking of books, Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain are writing one together about politics, strangely enough.

-Neil Hamburger wrote a humor column that was not nice to AXE body spray for Vice, so AXE bullied Vice into scrubbing it from the internet. Or at least trying to.

-17 years later, we checked in with the cast of that Little Rascals movie.

-Jon Stewart showed his love and knowledge of New York pizza with a seven-minute manifesto on the subject.

-We looked at the lost roles of John Candy.

-The wheels were set in motion for The Hangover Part III because of course they were.

And, as usual, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Full Benefits: The Run-In

Hot Bikini Models

Monster Madness 10

Porn Rental

Teen Wheels: Episode 3

A Short But Fulfilling Week of Comedy