Abed Predicts the Emmy Comedy Winners With a Little Help from ABBA

If anyone would have some very strong opinion about potential Emmy winners, Community’s Abed Nadir would be it. Citing the time-tested ABBA pattern of Emmy picks, Abed is able to calculate the Best Comedy winner, at least in a year of sub-par HBO offerings such as this one. Of course, Abed’s opinions might be skewed, seeing as how he’s getting a lot of his TV info from Shirley (On Modern Family: “My friend Shirley says that show is about ‘thumbing noses at the book of Leviticus.’ Don’t know what that means but sounds boring.”) Despite trends that emerged between 1989 to 1992, 30 Rock is out, seeing as how “We will not flee back to Tina Fey because there’s no Delta Burke trying to eat us.” Finally Abed decides on The Big C as the ultimate victor, reasoning “My friend Shirley says Showtime magazine truly believes it’s an Emmy-worthy comedy, and if it’s not, why would they spend so much money saying so?” Why indeed.

Abed Predicts the Emmy Comedy Winners With a Little […]