Amy Poehler on WTF: Sketch vs Stand-Up, Del Close and Being a Woman In Comedy

As is usually the case with Marc Maron’s show, the best part of Amy Poehler’s WTF episode is the vaguely antagonist relationship that is inevitably revealed between Maron and his guest. “You would always sell us out” when introducing their bits at UCB, Poehler reminded him, recalling the relative uncoolness of sketch vs. stand-up. “You think I sing and dance and wear hats,” she admonishes Marc. Amy also discusses Amy Sedaris (“I really want to be friends with her, really badly”), studying under Del Close (“He had a lot of anger and resentment about the fact he wasn’t more famous”), Fred Armisen ("one of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever met”), her relationship with Matt Besser while founding the theater ("He was the one who told us ‘we’re going to do this.’ He was the visionary, he was the dreamer…He dragged us along in many ways for so many years”). While working as a young woman in the world of sketch, Poehler says,”You just had to fend off being picked apart.” When it comes to her fellow successful female comedians today today,”The only difference I can see is that we always get compared. I just don’t see it as much with guys.”

Amy Poehler on WTF: Sketch vs Stand-Up, Del Close and […]