Amy Poehler’s ‘really, truly, no-kidding awesome’ Email For Planned Parenthood

Maybe you don’t spend your hard-earned hundos nickels for just anyone, but Amy Poehler’s Planned Parenthood email lays out a pretty convincing two-prong argument for both 1) Planned Parenthood’s awesomeness, and 2) its need for people to get it together and donate. “[I]f you’re still not sold, think back to the first time you went to a Planned Parenthood health center, scared or broke or confused or hopeful,” Poehler writes. “Think about your friends, or your sister, or your daughter, son, niece, or nephew. Think about every person out there who has nowhere else to go, nobody else to count on, nobody but Planned Parenthood.” And slowly Amy Poehler and Leslie Knope combine into one supreme entity.

Amy Poehler’s ‘really, truly, no-kidding awesome’ […]